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Selling real estate is something special and requires highly qualified, committed, and empathetic real estate professionals. With strategic know-how, local, national, and international industry knowledge as well as a distinct flair for theexquisite, the Zurich Sotheby's International Realty team supports you with years of market expertise. The values ofinnovation, tradition and reliability are always omnipresent - for you and your concerns.

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Your Advantages


As part of Sotheby's International Realty - a global network of over 1000 offices in 75 countries - we market your property withunparalleled reach and a marketing portfolio of unparalleled breadth and depth.


Whether selling, renting, or searching for real estate: thanks to structured processes, we guarantee you efficient and transparent results across the entire range of services. This also includes the development of a custom-fit strategy.


Real estate sales are a matter of trust. That is why we are personally and individually committed to you and your concerns. We act as a competent partner, provide holistic support, and place a clear, realistic focus on your goals.

Sales Process

Initial Meeting / Needs Analysis

Every property has its own history. The initial situation with which you come to us is correspondingly individual. In an initial meeting, we focus on your concerns, clarify your needs, and comprehensively address your questions so that we can thenaccompany you optimally through the sales process.


At the beginning of every successful real estate sale is a professional valuation. We ensure the professional valuation of your property, analyze the current market situation, and take into account all influencing factors to determine the realistic value ofyour property. We then build on this to take the next steps.

Discussion of the evaluation and further procedure

After the the expert valuation of your property has been carried out, we explain the findings and jointly determine the market price for the further sales process. We then go into the next steps necessary to develop a tailor-made marketing strategy.


Before we start marketing your property, we set out the terms of our cooperation, including the rights and obligations forus as estate agents during the property sale. We offer various models that can be individually designed in closeconsultation with you.

Preparation of marketing documents

We attach great importance to the presentation of your property. Accordingly, we carefully compile all the data and documents required for marketing, prepare them optimally and ensure that your property appears in the best possible light with a strongmix of marketing tools.


We inform you transparently about all our activities - from phone calls to emails to viewings - and create a regular report for you. This not only always keeps you up to date, but also gives you a complete overview of the entire marketing and sales process.

Handling of the sale

The sales process is all about the details. We support you on the way to notarization by ordering the purchase contract as well as coordinating the exchange between you, the buyer and the notary's office regarding the purchase contract.


The signing, i.e., the notarization of the purchase contract by the notary, concludes the sales process and is therefore an extremely joyful appointment. Of course, we will accompany you during this event, be happy about the successfulconclusion and assist you with any questions you may have.

Marketing tools


Atmospheric pictures really bring out the valuable details of your property. We take care of professional photos and thusensure increased buyer interest.


For new buildings, unfurnished properties or on request, we are also happy to produce appealing visualizations. Because wherethere is a lack of imagination, there is often a lack of interest in buying.

Drone Footage

For a targeted insight into the infrastructure of the surrounding area or to illustrate the size through surrounding relations, weoffer aerial and video photography using drones.

Video tours

Interactive video tours bring your property to life virtually and illustrate room structures and cubic dimensions. Interestedparties thus get a first feel for their new home.

Floor plans

We hand out the carefully prepared floor plans to all our clients. This is because they facilitate the perception of all essential criteria and serve as an important basis for planning.

ZSIR network

Our name stands for exclusivity, which is also reflected in the network of our brokers. Selected customers thus receive aninformation head start - before the actual sales start.

SIR network

We develop innovative solutions and combine our professionalism, experience, and empathy with the global SIR network, which spans 75 countries with 1000 offices.

Media Partners

Thanks to various media partnerships, we optimize the reach for your property. We rely on targeted cooperations such as withBilanz or the real estate magazine HOMES.


Printed brochures not only summarize all the data and facts compactly - they represent high- quality documentation ofyour property and turn prospective buyers into purchasers.

Social Media

We also put your property in the spotlight on social media. With our channels, we generate additional reach and can address adigitally savvy buyer base.


Thanks to informative flyers, we bring an additional target group to deal with your offer. In this way, we strengthen the image of your property and increase the chances of sales.

Real Estate Portals

All properties that we market publicly are also published on the best-known real estate portals in Switzerland. These include or, for example.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the building codes?

At the local building authority you can clarify in which building zone the desired property is located, which building regulations apply, whether an extension would be possible and whether a larger building project is planned in the vicinity. Our sales team has many years of experience and will be happy to assist you with the clarifications.

What purchase price is realistic for me?

A good budget planning is the basis for the real estate purchase. The possible amount is usually determined in cooperation with the bank.

Do I need financial reserves?

To be prepared for negative surprises, you should build up reserves. Sooner or later, a property will incur maintenance and repair costs. It makes sense to measure the reserves on the basis of the imputed interest rate of 5 percent.

Which mortgage should I choose?

The long-term fixed-rate mortgage offers a certain degree of financial security, but it can also pose major risks if life circumstances change in the short term. Early termination could be followed by expensive prepayment penalties. A detailed discussion with a financial advisor is recommended.

Do you have to pay property tax?

The tax rate is used to calculate the property tax, which is proportional to the property. The property tax is levied at annual intervals for the entire year. The amount varies from municipality to municipality, but is usually between 0.2% and 1.8%. Some cantons (e.g. Zurich) do not charge property taxes.

How is a property taxed?

Wealth tax and imputed rental value

How much equity do I need to bring with me?

At least 20 percent of the property costs must be financed with equity, of which 10 percent must consist of "real" equity, i.e. not from the 2nd pillar. A mortgage can be taken out for the remaining 80 percent. However, the higher the equity ratio, the lower the interest burden and the better the affordability.

How to calculate the portability?

A maximum of one third of the income may be made up of the interest costs, the amortization of the 2nd mortgage and the maintenance costs combined. An imputed interest rate of 5 percent is used to calculate the interest costs. Possible interest rate increases are thus taken into account in the calculation of long-term affordability.

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What is the tax rate of the municipality?

There are massive differences and ultimately can have an impact on the attractiveness of a property. In low-tax communities, sales prices are often higher, which somewhat offsets the differences in purchase financing.

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